The Rear Door Or Middle Path Door Is Not A Barrier; It Does Several Good Things Rather Well

Where specially designed and manufactured doors purposely become barriers, it is only purposely designed to keep harmful intruders at bay. A thick set and heavy alpine door cannot be broken down by thieves, and a specially designed and manufactured smoke door, even when decorated with wood, can act as a good barrier against fire hazards. Should there ever be a fire on your premises, this door acts as a good gatekeeper and timekeeper to give you and others more than enough time to escape from harm’s reach.

As well as aesthetics, such smart design doors serve you well for esthetic purposes. Legislation continues to tighten the noose around smokers’ necks. But if you are in the hospitality or food services trade, you might be feeling the pinch too. Because among your loyal clientele are smokers and who are you to tell them what they should or should not do. A custom designed smoke door can be showcased to inspectors. This is a smart design door that shields non-smoking patrons.

Perhaps the inspector will choose to look the other way and allow you to continue to practice and grow your business. Specially designed and manufactured, and still attractive looking, doors continue to act as healthy barriers, mind you. Consider the professions. Take the trades of radio journalism, music and sound recordings, and audiologists, as good examples. Such doors and accompanying wood panels installed to a testing studio’s walls can block all sound out.

smoke door

Perhaps you would like that sort of serenity in your own home studio, office or study. Rear, middle of the way, front entrance, these doors do not seem to be barriers as such. Rather, they enhance people’s lives.

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